Elvea is a singer-songwriter who blends soulful vocals, jazzy harmonies and R&B nostalgia with an indie heart. 
From darkness to light, she paints stories. 

Born in Vicenza, Italy on a November day, Elvea has been determined to pursue music since she was a little girl. 
She started her journey with classical flute and then moved to voice and songwriting, her true passions. 
She also studied piano, bass and music production. 

In 2014 she moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she graduated in vocal performance and songwriting at Musicians Institute (Hollywood, CA). She lived and performed in Los Angeles until 2017, when she moved back to Italy.

Elvea is a very eclectic, focused, art-loving musician who simply cannot stop creating, learning, discovering. 

Besides music she paints, draws, and writes poetry (she is a featured writer on the anthology "Riflessi" ed. Pagine).

Elvea just finished her first album, "Night Conversations", that she wrote and produced, with the help of the multi-instrumentalist Antonio Dalì. She is writing new music and experimenting with different genres and sounds.

For Inquiries contact me at elveaworld@gmail.com

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Night Conversations